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Welcome to HBC Praise Tech Documentation Site

This site contains that HOW-TOs, SET-UP, and TROUBLESHOOTing documentation for HBCs Live Stream and In-Person Presentation.


The following list of activities need to be performed prior to the worship team starting practice. Part of the worship team's practice includes triggering slide transitions and the team needing Proclaim slides to be running (for words and chords). For this reason, much of the pre-service checks and set-up need to be completed before 8:30AM Sunday morning.

  1. Turn on all three (3) projectors
    • Projectors need to be on before checking the Mac mini
  2. Turn on PTZOptics cameras by turning on the sound rack power (key turn on top of rack)
    • NOTE: It can take several minutes for the cameras to fully startup.
  3. Turn on all house lights and stage lights
  4. Turn on ATEM (black hocky-puck looking thing next to the ATEM)
  5. Turn on the Laptop
    • Login
    • Launch ATEM Control software
    • Launch OBS (for service recording)
      • NOTE: if OBS is already running, exit and relaunch OBS as OBS has a tendency to crash/freeze during recording
  6. Power on Mac mini
    • Log into Mac mini as "HBCMedia" (password saved in HBC password vault)
    • Launch the following Mac apps in the following order (click on the links for more detail and individual setup info)