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This is a quick how-to on using the Audio MIDI Setup.

Audio MIDI Setup is required to communicate with the iPAD on stage used for both controlling the Proclaim slides and for MIDI loop back to control the OnSong on the stage iPAD


Audio MIDI Setup.png
MIDI Network Setup.png

As the name suggests Audio MIDI Setup enables you to configure more than just MIDI and has separate windows to support each (Audio Devices, MIDI Studio, Network Device Browser). For our use at HBC, we only need this for MIDI so this tutorial will focus only on the MIDI Studio window.

  1. When the app is first launched any one of the three main windows may automatically open. If the MIDI Studio window is NOT open simply go to Window > Show MIDI Studio in the top Apple menu. NOTE: If any of the other windows are open you can safely close those.
  2. Once the Midi Studio window is open, click on the small world icon on the top right side of the MIDI Studio window. This will open the Midi Network Setup window.
    • NOTE: This can also be opened from top apple menu MIDI Studio > Open MIDI Network Setup...
  3. If the iPAD on the stage is on and ready to communicate MIDI, the name of the iPAD will appear in the DIRECTORY section of MIDI Network Setup window. Click to select the device and then click on Connect (do this for each device).

The windows can be closed, but it is best to keep them open and just minimized or left up, but behind other windows.

Trouble Shooting

Problem Resolution
iPAD is not showing up in the MIDI Network Setup window
  1. Ensure you have the MIDI Network Setup window open and not one of the other windows
  2. Both the Mac Min and the stage iPAD must be connected to the same HBCPraisePlatform wifi network.
iPAD is connected, but is NOT trigger slide changes
  • Have the worship leader ensure that the Mac Mini is selected in the PRIME app's setup
iPAD is not trigger slides correctly
  • If this happens during the service it might be best to disconnect the iPAD from the Participants section on the right side of the MIDI Network Setup window.