Stage Lights

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  1. Turn on power at electrical box.
    • The last two double breakers
  2. Turn on computer next to sound board
    • Sign-on password = 2480light
  3. Launch the Emulation app from the Windows task bar icon at bottom of screen.
    Emulator TaskBar1.png
  4. Within the Emulation app
    • Wait for all FuzeWash and FuzePar sectors to appear on screen
    • Click on the Load button on right side of screen
      Emulator Load.png
    • Click the play symbol button above #4 slide control
      Emulator Play.png
  5. Lights will turn on and self-position as scripted


After service, to turn off lights...

  1. Within the Emulation app, click and hold the PWR button on screen near FuzeWash and FuzePar section and Master slide button
    Emulator PWR.png
  2. Turn off power at the electrical box
    • The last two double breakers